Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

   I find it very disappointing that a school system as well off as ours could not figure out how to install a sound system that could be heard at graduation.

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We never heard the kids give their speeches nor did we hear the commencement speech. Throughout the years I have been to many graduations in this county and found this was the most disappointing one and a very important one for my family.

   Also I’m not sure why our high school students graduate at the grade school and not the high school. Not only is there way less room at the middle school, but the traffic pattern does not come close to the traffic pattern at the high school. After the graduation, the crowd was unsure what to do. Previous years the kids went to the back and formed a line and you could congratulate all of them and exit off to the side without running into the incoming traffic.

   I think it is important for the school board and the administration to reconsider their options. Maybe the community needs to help the kids help the administration and school board make better choices for the graduation and other events that involve the whole community.

    Thank you.

   Monty Slagter

   (via email)