Mangold retiring after 41 year teaching career

   It’s the end of an era for the science department at Plevna High School. For 40 years Wayne Mangold has led the science studies and will soon grade his last paper to end his tenure.

By Lori Kesinger

Wayne Mangold

   Mangold grew up in Inverness. With a rich family history of teachers, he followed that lineage by attending Montana State University-Northern at Havre for his degree. He received his Masters from Montana State University at Bozeman in 1999.

   A job opportunity teaching science brought Mangold to Plevna. Years of teaching and interacting with students brought demands he met with innovation and learning himself. He attended workshops, kept up with new techniques and learned from other teachers ways to communicate to students to keep them interested. Those efforts paid off as he saw the success of his students, including several becoming nurses and doctors.

   Mangold was head track coach for about 35 years, and coached some basketball. He was also actively involved in Academic Olympics every year and always enjoyed the competition.

   “I’m going to miss the camaraderie with the teachers,” Mangold said.

   In retirement, Mangold is looking forward to spending time with his wife, Mary, and their children, who all have successful careers. Chasing around a granddaughter in Iowa is also at the top of the list. He doesn’t have plans to stay idle, either. A small computer business and providing technical support to Fallon County and Plevna Schools will all be considered a day’s work in the future.


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  1. Troy O'Connor

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    Mr. Mangold has shaped the lives of so many. There are few teachers, let alone individuals, that can have as big of an influence on so many kids as he did. Truly, one of the best teachers, hands down. Those will definitely be some hard shoes to fill. Not only an incredibly intelligent human being, but one of best teachers a parent could ever hope to possibly find for their kid. Thank you, Mr. Mangold for all that you have done for me, the community, and all that you have influenced to wonder, and question, and explore over the years.

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