Blackbeard’s Pirate

  The Missoula Children’s Theater and students from the Plevna School put on the musical “Blackbeard the Pirate”.

Jessica Hall and Isabella Miyares auditioned the students May 11 and with dedication and hard work on the students’ part, put on the play May 16. Tales of the past and present are told as the search for Blackbeard’s treasure begins. A cast of colorful characters reveal secrets of Blackbeard’s stash. The crabby crabs were played by Lyann Gajeske, Kyal Hadley and Whitney Thielen.

   The melodious mermaids were Jordan Hauff, Hayden Lane, Tonna MacYeaple, and Sophia Tudor. The scary seaweed creatures were Brandon Breihahn, Billie Jo Miller, and Aidyn Schwartz.

   The precocious parrots were played by Weston Buerkle, Milo Isaacs, Tyler Gajeske, Jordan Paul, Cru Schwartz, and Sara Tudor. The cantankerous crocodiles were Kayl Hadley and Wyatt Thielen. Seth Carroll did a great job with the voice and actions of Sam the Clam. The savvy sailors, played by Nic Buerkle, Kali Dulin, Wyatt Isaacs, and Carson Sander, might know where X marks the spot. The beach bums were Mya Hadley, Jenna Paul, and Jaeda Paul. The story is told through the appearances of Blackbeard – Jesse Isaacs, Bluebeard – Dacy Buerkle – Redbeard, Sophia Dulin – Greybeard, Ashley Sander – Yellowbeard, Chloe Tudor – Peachfuzz, Jaiden Dulin – Lt. Maynard, Kali Dulin and Jolly Rodger – Isabelle Miyares.

   Assistant directors, Seth Carroll, Cheyenne Ferris and Trinity Rieger, helped keep the play moving and learned how to put makeup on the characters. Accompanist was Missy Thielen. After the story telling, they solved the mystery of Bluebeard the Pirate.