Life’s a Picnic

   Fallon/Carter Spring Homemaker Council meeting will be held May 29 at the Baker Senior Citizen Center from 3-6 p.m.

Submitted by Elin Westover,

Fallon/Carter Extension Agent

We have a great program lined up with Tracy Miller of Tracy Miller Catering and Wanda Pinnow with the Montana CattleWomen.

   Tracy Miller of Tracy Miller Catering LLC has been catering for family and friends for years. She truly has a passion for preparing desserts, entrees and side dishes. She is a native of Minnesota and only found Montana after living most of her adult life in Florida. Tracy went to culinary school in Florida at Brevard Community College. She found a slice of heaven in Glendive and couldn’t be happier doing what she loves. The community sees her as a true asset to the area.

   Knife Skills: Knives are a necessity for every kitchen. Care and cleaning of kitchen knives will ensure they will last longer and perform the job they are intended to do. Tracy will share her tips and tricks for care, cleaning, slicing and dicing. She will also talk about selecting the right knife for the job.

   Grilling: Grilling season is just around the corner! Are you ready? Beef kabobs can be a great summer grilled treat. Tracy will demonstrate making marinade, putting the kabobs together and grilling them. She will address food safety concerns when handling raw meat and vegetables, grilling, and storing leftovers.

   Cut a Little, Save a Lot: Wanda Pinnow, Baker Cowbelle and former Montana CattleWomen president, has a passion for beef. Using a chuck roast, she will demonstrate ways to cut, prepare and store the meat.

   There will be a free will donation and we ask that you please register with the Fallon/Carter Extension Office by May 22, 406-778-7110.