Chamber set to release flamingos on local businesses

   A flock of flamingos might appear at any store front in Baker beginning next week.


By Lori Kesinger

Flamingo Flocking is a fundraising activity that began a few years ago when Nicole Schuler took over the helm at the Chamber.

   For the next month, the Chamber will randomly flock businesses with two flamingo signs in efforts to raise money to support the scholarship and holiday decoration funds.

   If a business wants the flock removed and sent to another business, it must pay the Chamber a ransom fee of $20. A business can also pay $20 for each additional flock it would like to send to any other business. To ensure the birds don’t end up at their store, a business can purchase flocking insurance for $25 for two weeks.

   The birds tend to bring attention to the flocked businesses, but it’s all in fun and has a purpose.