State Music Festival held in Billings

  State Music Festival was held May 1-2 at Skyview High School in Billings. Seventy-three Class AA, A, B, and C schools participated. Forty-one BHS students qualified with 31 events.

   Events receiving a I – superior rating were: Baker Vocal Jazz, Braylea Wyrick bass clarinet solo, Taylor Miller vocal solo, Stephanie and Autumn flute duet, Shawn Hirst vocal solo, Stephanie Heaps flute solo, Jase Rost vocal solo, Jase Rost trombone solo.

   Solenn Jacobsen sax solo, Spencer Losing tuba solo, Baker Girls Ensemble, Megan Slagter vocal solo, Solenn Jacobsen piano solo, Taylor and Shawn duet, Baker Vocal Ensemble, Stephanie and Savannah duet, Kendal Wipperling flute solo, Anna Espeland vocal solo, Baker Men’s Ensemble.

   Events receiving a II – excellent rating: Baker Sophomore Ensemble, Lauren Wang sax solo, Megan and Jozell duet, Baker Senior Ensemble, Baker Jazz 1, Baker Freshman Flute Duet, Breanna Miller sax solo, Kendal and Autumn flute duet, Baker Freshman Quartet, Megan and Mattie clarinet duet, Joe and Lauren duet, Spencer Losing euphonium solo.

   Students receiving superior ratings include Shawn Hirst, Virgil Spethman, Isaac Rost, Spencer Losing, Jase Rost, Anna Espeland, Megan Greiff, Megan Slagter, Autumn Law, Ashley Denby.

   Makayla Wynns, Taiken Goerndt, Kendal Wipperling, Stephanie Heaps, Taylor Miller, Braylea Wyrick, Savannah Hickey, Solenn Jacobsen.

  Students will receive awards Monday, May 18, at 12 noon in the Complex Lobby.