Livestock Handling Workshop to be held in June

Submitted by

Elin Westover, Fallon/Carter County Extension Agent

   We are excited to host Dr. Temple Grandin and Curt Pate in Miles City and Baker. This will be a great opportunity for many ranchers throughout the area. Together these two make a powerful pair with a wealth of knowledge to share.

   Dr. Temple Grandin is a designer of livestock handling facilities and a Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University. Facilities she has designed are located in the United States, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries. In North America, almost half of the cattle are handled in a center track restrainer system that she designed for meat plants. Curved chute and race systems she has designed for cattle are used worldwide and her writings on the flight zone and other principles of grazing animal behavior have helped many people to reduce stress on their animals during handling.

   Curt Pate brings great value to the livestock industry. He spends his time conducting stockmanship demonstrations and trainings and also manages a small grazing operation in Montana. With his ability to think outside the box, his ability to challenge others to do the same, and a willingness to share his skills, Curt has set himself apart in conducting stockmanship clinics. His lifelong experience in ranching adds credibility and enables him to communicate his methods effectively to cattle ranchers throughout the country. In addition, Curt continues to seek out new learning opportunities to increase and hone his knowledge and skills and enjoys sharing this knowledge with others.

   The program will be held in Miles City June 2 and Baker June 3. The programs will be the same. They will consist of a presentation from Dr. Temple Grandin on Low Stress Livestock Handling followed by a question and answer period. Dr. Grandin and Curt will also give a live cattle handling demonstration. Topics that will be covered in the live demonstration will include all aspects of stockmanship including gathering, grazing, sorting, processing, and loading. Also, they will cover treating and moving cattle in an effective manner both on foot and horseback. A meal will be served at both programs. There is a cost for the workship and registration is required.

   There will also be an hour long 4-H/FFA youth workshop June 2 following the producer workshop.

   For more information, contact the Fallon/Carter County Extension Office at 406-778-7110.