PUGS Honor Roll Students

   Eastern Star Chapter #60 of Baker  provided outstanding third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade students with a certificate, a magnet, pizza and a brownie as part of a program to recognize academic achievement. The pizza was provided by the Eastern Star and Heiser’s Bar.

PUGS Honor Roll - Third and Fourth Grade
PUGS Honor Roll – Third and Fourth Grade


PUGS Honor Roll - Fifth and Sixth Grade
PUGS Honor Roll – Fifth and Sixth Grade

   To qualify for the Pull Up Grades (PUGS) honor roll, a student must bring up one class grade one level without going down in any other subject. Students with perfect grades can qualify if they maintain their outstanding performance.

   Forty-five students qualified for the PUGS honor roll for the third quarter.

  Third grade: Madison Butori, Briley Gorder, Tyler Johnson, Katelyn Moberg, Chloee Thurlow, Kaytlynn Gaub, Quinn Griffith, Danica Hanes and Sheldon Johnson.

   Fourth grade: Hallie Flint, Harlee Graham, Azlan Haggerty, Desiree Hester, Selena Losing, Allanna Rabbitt, Owen Stieg, Aiden Wyrwas, Walker Hadley, Rory Lingle, Codi Melton, Kendall Shepherd, Kiera Varner.

   Fifth grade: McKenna Griffith, Jaelyn Quenzer, Emily Shumaker, Sayge Barkley, Daylee Hanson, Ashlyn Lutts, Caleb Rost, Phillip Smith.

   Sixth grade: Kyler Afrank, Lucy Branson, Hannah Goerndt, Olivia Gunderson, Kalee Herbst, Aiden Rabbitt, Will Rost, Kiarra Schleining, Reese Varner.

  Ashton Afrank, Shayne Burkhalter, Paiton Graham, Nathan Hufford,  David Moore, Avery Uecker.