Use caution when buying used child safety seats

Now that nice weather has returned to our area, the garage sales will begin in full force.

By Eileen Reddick

Custer County Buckle Up Montana

We discourage you on buying a used safety seat for several reasons. You do not know what that seat has endured. Has it been in a crash? Is it older than six years? Are all the parts there or are some missing? Has there been a recall on this seat? These are just a few.

While purchasing a car seat at a garage sale is discouraged, having a car seat is a vital component in keeping your child safe. An average of four children are killed and more than 500 injured in the U.S. daily, and age and size appropriate vehicle safety seats can greatly reduce the risk. A vital component is the installation of all safety seats.

One of the biggest mistakes that I see at checkups is safety belts and the lower anchors and tethers being used at the same time. Only one of the systems should be used at any one time. Another mistake is the seat is very loose and flops around. The answer to this may be in your vehicle manual. Proper placement may be the key to why your safety seat isn’t tightening. Using and reading the vehicle manual and the safety seat instructions are very important.

NHTSA states that 75 percent of children riding in car safety seats aren’t properly installed or don’t fit correctly. Make sure your child is riding correctly and safely. Give us a call at 406-874- 3302 for a free safety check.