Montana Meth Project -“Meth: Not Even Once”

Warnings of methamphetamine use will once again be publicized this summer through sculptures, on buildings, and the internet as the Montana Meth Project brings its third public message contest for teens. Methamphetamine is a powerfully addictive drug that has devastating effects on individuals, families, and communities. Its use remains a serious problem in Montana.

Paint the State Logo from Website
Paint the State Logo from Website

Meth causes dramatic changes in the brain and using the drug can lead to depression, paranoia, violent behavior, and other serious mental disorders. Meth also destroys the body, and can cause fatal kidney and lung problems, liver damage, convulsions, even strokes.

The Montana Meth Project was formed to reduce meth use in the state by arming people with the facts about meth. The message “Not Even Once” speaks to how highly addictive meth is. With Paint the State, teens have the opportunity to take that message, and through their original artwork, get the word out about meth. The contest encourages teens to use their creativity and passion in a whole new way for a very important cause.

Paint the State will build on the success of the 2006 and 2010 Paint the State contests, when teens all over Montana created more than 1,000 works of art, making it the largest public art contest in history.

Teens age 12 and older may register as individuals or in teams of four to participate and compete for up to $10,000 in cash awards in three categories. The three categories are video, outdoor/sculpture, and artwork/ photography.

Participants are asked to use the “Meth: Not Even Once” logo, tagline, or other antimeth theme, a little inspiration, and a lot of imagination to create a work of art – any style, any medium – that’s clearly visible by the general public.

Contestants must register by April 30, and their entries must be on public display from at least July 16 through September 15. Winners will be announced September 18. For more information and contest rules, visit