Residents urged to attend government review meeting

Fallon County and the City of Baker’s new Local Government Study Commissions are ready to gather public input at the first informational meeting on Monday, April 13, 6:30 p.m. at the Baker Senior Center.

By Lori Kesinger

   The Montana constitution mandates every ten years that voters consider a review of their county and city government and how they operate. It was on the primary ballot last year. Study commissioners were elected in November.

   “Local government review empowers local people to decide the form, structure, authority and function of the government closest to them,” said Dan Clark, director of MSU’s Local Government Center. “The ability to manage, update, and reform local structures is unique to Montana and a valuable tool in keeping this level of government efficient and accountable.”

   The study commissions will assess whether some aspect of the local government is broke and needs to be fixed, or needs to be left alone. The study commissioners will then prepare any reform proposals for the electorate to vote on in the November 2016 election.

   The county study commission members are John Beach, Marty Nelson and Sandy Kinsey. City members are Jade Boggs (appointed), Chad Wade and Carson Beach.

   Study commission members are encouraging citizens to attend the meeting for more information and to provide input for public discussion on the local governments’ form and function.

   Dan Clark will be at the meeting to provide information and answer questions. Food and refreshments will also be provided.