Math Meet – Plevna School

March 18, the Plevna School hosted the Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics regional Math Meet.

hard math on chalkboard

Each student took three tests. Students who earned scores in the top 35 percent were recognized with honorable mention ratings while those placing in the top 15 percent were recognized with superior ratings.

Plevna High School students earned the following ratings: Dylan Sander, Junior – HM, HM, HM; Nicole Allerdings, Junior – S; Isaac Nemitz, Freshman – HM.

Junior high students ratings were as follows: Courtney Tudor, 8th grade – HM, S; Chase Drange, 7th grade – HM.

Students who placed in all three of their individual tests were designated a Silver rating winner. Junior Dylan Sander received the Silver Award. Also receiving special recognition was the Class C 7-8th grade team consisting of Chase Drange and Jessica Paul. They took third place.

Congratulations on a great job!