Letter to the Editor

To whom it may concern:

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I am writing to give an update on Eastern Montana Humane Society. Yes, we still are a humane society. Our land has recently been returned to us. The sanitarian has recently went with me to see the condition of the building after four years of no access to it. There is damage to the drywall and the roof needs repaired, along with the siding. But he does state that the building is sound and savable. The repairs need to be complete and things cleaned up. The only thing needed to complete the subdivision of our property is a water sample from within the building, which will be some time yet because of our past due bill with our electric company. We are taking time to regroup. We have talked to maybe some day, down the road of course, being a temporary holding facility for abandoned and unwanted animals until they can be transferred to bigger shelters where the vets give extreme discounts for the care, spay and neuter of the animals and where the shelter has a bigger income. We also talked of possible boarding for animals and the possibility of a dog park.

Although these plans are a long while off, they are what we have talked of. We have a lot to do to get to that point and not any financing to do it. I just want to let the public know that we still do own the land, and we are still very active in what we do – saving the animals. Right now and for the past four years, we have been getting assistance with our animals in need by Help for Homeless Pets.

Thanks to the wonderful shelter, we have been able to help the animals in our area. Thanks again to those who have supported us through our unfortunate ordeal.