Math Meet – Baker schools

March 18, 41 Baker high school and junior high students traveled to Plevna to compete in the Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics regional math meet. 

hard math on chalkboard

March 18, 41 Baker high school and junior high students traveled to Plevna to compete in the Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics regional math meet. Each student took three tests and then joined together with other Baker students to take the team test. Students who earned scores in the top 35 percent were recognized with Honorable Mention ratings while those who placed in the top 15 percent were recognized with Superior ratings. Students who received Honorable Mention or Superior ratings were:

Katelynn Afrank (HM – Applied), Tannon Dukart (HM – Applied), Taylyn Dukart (HM - Dimensions and Shapes), Amber Durden (HM – Problem Solving, HM - Applied), Sheyanne Janeway (HM – Applied), Madison Reddick (HM – Problem Solving), Skyler Robinson (HM – Problem Solving, HM – Applied), Maryssa Rusley (S – Problem Solving, HM – Applied, HM – Dimensions and Shapes.

Hannah Gonsioroski (HM – Dimensions and Shapes, HM - Pot Luck), Maleah Graham (S – Number Concepts, S – Pot Luck), Trevor Lingle (S – Number Concepts, HM – Dimensions and Shapes), Halle Burdick (S – Number Concepts, HM – Seventh Grade), Caleb Ploeger (S – Number Concepts, HM – Pot Luck), Alissa Schell (S- Seventh Grade, S – Number Concepts, S – Pot Luck), Brian Smith (S – Seventh Grade, S – Number Concepts, S – Pot Luck), Katie Wang (S – Seventh Grade, S – Number Concepts), Solenn Jacobsen ( HM – Scholarship).

Jase Rost (S – Finite, S – Senior, S- Scholarship), Brady Varner (S – Finite, HM – Scholarship), Lauren Wang (HM – Finite, HM – Senior), Braylea Wyrick (HM – Senior), Joe Fisher (S – Advanced Math), Spencer Losing (S – Intermediate, S – Finite, HM – Advanced), Matt Packer (HM – Finite), Melissa Breitbach (S – Applied), Kadon Gentilini (HM – Applied, HM – Intermediate), Luke Gonsioroski (S – Problem Solving, S – Applied), Scotti Robinson (HM – Intermediate), Daniel Rost (S – Intermediate), Isaac Rost (S – Problem Solving, S – Applied, S – Intermediate), Virgil Spethman (HM – Applied), and Summitt Wiman (HM – Applied, HM – Intermediate).

Several Baker students excelled on the individual tests and were recognized for various accomplishments. Students who placed on all three of their individual tests were designated as Silver rating winners. Baker students receiving Silver ratings were: Maryssa Rusley, Spencer Losing, and Joe Fisher. Students receiving Superior ratings on all three of their individual tests are recognized as Gold rating winners and presented with a pin. Alissa Schell, Brian Smith, Isaac Rost, and Jase Rost received this designation. Students who had the top score on an individual test were awarded mechanical pencils. Baker students receiving top score honors were: Alissa Schell (Seventh Grade Foundations), Brian Smith (Seventh Grade Foundations), Isaac Rost (Problem Solving, Applied and Intermediate), and Jase Rost (Senior and Scholarship).

Each region gives out a scholarship to the top male and top female senior competing in the contest. Jase Rost won the scholarship this year  as the top male senior competitor.

The Baker teams did well. The Baker team consisting of Jase Rost, Spencer Losing, Braylea Wyrick, and Joe Fisher was the top team in the 11th-12th grade division. Baker’s 9th-10th grade team brought home the top team honors. Team members were Luke Gonsioroski, Tannon Dukart, Sheyanne Janeway, Taylyn Dukart, Scotti Robinson, and Daniel Rost. Three of Baker’s seventh and eighth grade teams tied for top honors in their grade division. Team G members consisted of Maleah Graham, Katie Wang, Trevor Lingle, and Caleb Ploeger. Alissa Bohle, Lillianna Hanson, Alissa Schell, and Macee Hadley comprised Baker’s Team H. Baker Team J consisted of Hannah Gonsioroski, Brian Smith, Jacob Wang, and Halle Burdick.