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I want to take this opportunity to say congratulations to Tom Bruha as the new fire chief of the Baker Fire Department

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Dear Editor,

I want to take this opportunity to say congratulations to Tom Bruha as the new fire chief of the Baker Fire Department. Tom is a hard worker and a very dedicated volunteer. I have had the pleasure of working with Tom in and out of the fire service, and I assure you that the fire department is in good hands with Tom as the chief.

I also wanted to speak for a minute about Chief Randy Hoenke. As you all know, he has stepped down as the fire chief and as I understand he will continue to volunteer with the department. If you look up the definition of a volunteer firefighter, one should find Randy’s name next to it. He was a great fire chief and extremely dedicated as are many of the volunteers. His knowledge about fire service is not able to be replaced so I am glad to hear he will still be a member of the “team”. Most people don’t hear about the fire alarms at 3 a.m. that Randy responded to just to find a faulty battery in a smoke detector or a burnt piece of toast at the nursing home. Or the countless hours sacrificed from his business and family to respond to a motor vehicle crash, structure fire, wildland fire, or any number of meetings. I had the pleasure of being a firefighter while Randy was the chief, and I miss the comradery of the department every day with a lot of the credit going towards a great chief.

I also miss putting the “wet stuff on the red stuff” as we firefighters refer to fighting fire. This speaks true to Randy as well as I don’t ever recall a wildland fire where Randy was not out in the middle of the pasture breaking up cow pies right next to his fellow firefighters. The residents of Baker and Fallon County all have benefited from Randy’s service to the community as chief. So the next time you see Randy, please take a moment to shake his hand and thank him for his commitment to the community. Also take a moment to thank all the volunteers in emergency services as they all make sacrifices to help protect your community each and every day.


Jarrod Robinson

Belgrade, MT

(via email)


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