Premature twins born 21 days apart a miracle

“Our Miracle Uecker babies”


Posted Friday, January 16, 2015

By Lori Kesinger

They are being called “our miracle Uecker babies”. Aaron Uecker and Rachael Geehan of Columbus had twins born prematurely 21 days apart. Lincoln was the first one born on Sept. 24, weighing one pound four ounces, and Eleanor was born Oct. 15 at two pounds and one ounce.

The babies have been at a Denver hospital due to complications of being born early. Overcoming numerous obstacles, they may possibly go home in the next few weeks.

The actual due date of the twins was Jan. 15. Lincoln currently weighs six pounds seven ounces, and Eleanor weighs six pounds one ounce.

Rachael has been at the hospital with the babies for the past four months while Aaron works two weeks on and four days off. His days off he spends at the hospital and will be with them during Eleanor’s hernia surgery scheduled for Jan. 15.

Aaron is a native of Baker. Grandparents are Kelly and Brenda Uecker of Baker and Patrick Geehan of Washington and Dianne Geehan and stepdad Jeffrey Parker of Columbus.

For updates on the twins, visit “Our Miracle Uecker Babies” Facebook page.