Fallon County Time-ly Tips

   New Year has arrived and as festivities wind down many of the 25-30 million fresh cut Christmas trees that decorated the homes of Americans across the country will be “given the boot”.

By Sherry Vogel

Good news is they are biodegradable and recyclable! Once the decorations are taken off, do more than haul it to the city limb pile for disposal. Instead, try one of these creative ways to recycle your Christmas tree.

   • Insulate your perennials. Remove the boughs from the tree trunk and lay them across a bed of perennial plants. Tip: The branches will protect the hibernating plants from extreme weather conditions like snow and frost.

   • Shelter and feed wildlife. Stand your tree up in your yard. You can construct a quick and easy tree stand by nailing two boards to the end of the stump in an X formation or dig a hole deep enough to give the trunk stability. Tip: Decorate the tree with edible snacks that birds enjoy feeding on, like peanut butter covered pine cones or corn cobs, garlands of popcorn and raisins or cranberries.

   • Make mulch. Save money by making your own mulch. Rent a wood chipper and mulch your own tree. Better yet, split the rental fee with your neighbors and mulch your trees together. Tip: Mulch contributes to the quality of the soil and reduces weeds. It can be composted or used as a ground cover.