Dear readers,

   New Year greetings!

   As we journey into the New Year 2016, many face personal hardships and trials.

   Collectively, we as Americans enter into a world of political unrest not only on a global front, but in our own nation’s capital as well.

   While OPEC oil decisions affect the world, they will also have a great impact on our own livelihoods and as we experience drastic weather changes we begin to see the effects on our climate, our environment and lives.

   In times of such uncertainty, one constant remains unwavering and is a beacon of hope. Two thousand years ago during such times of great unrest, three wise men set out upon a journey in search of answers and this hope.

   We might be wise to seek the same answer. We will not embark on this journey by mounting a camel, yet we would find hope if we navigated by following the same Christmas star. May this new year shine brightly as the brilliance of the Christ Child guides each of our paths into a peace-filled 2016.

   From all of us at the Fallon County Times – have a happy New Year