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The time has come for me to close this chapter.



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Posted Friday, May 23, 2014

Retiring as Fallon County Sheriff

The time has come for me to close this chapter. In January of 2014 I made the decision not to file for the office of Fallon County Sheriff for the 2014 upcoming election. A bit of past history – in September of 1987 I was hired as Fallon County Undersheriff and worked in this capacity until February of 1994 when I filed for the office of sheriff and was elected. In January of 1995, I was sworn in as Sheriff for Fallon County and have held this position for the past 19 years. I would like to thank all of the wonderful people of Fallon County for their generous support and confidence through the past 19 years. Like most professions, and as with life itself, there have been the ups and downs, but the majority of my career has been a rewarding experience. Protecting and serving the good people of Fallon County has been an honor and privilege. Before I decided to retire, I had asked Undersheriff Trenton Harbaugh if he would be interested in the position as the Fallon County Sheriff. Trenton’s reply was yes, that it would be an honor to hold the position as Fallon County Sheriff.

Trenton is a native of eastern Montana, coming from Miles City and is from a family with a strong law enforcement background. Trenton was certified as a detention officer in Gallatin County when he was hired on with Fallon County and has continued his training and is now a certified peace officer, coroner, fire arms instructor, along with numerous other certifications. Trenton has been a part of the Fallon County Sheriff’s Office for over eight (8) years and is very knowledgeable and capable of taking over the day to day responsibilities and duties required of the Sheriff’s Office and detention center to protect and serve the citizens of Fallon County. As Undersheriff of Fallon County, Trenton has been responsible for fulfilling the duties of the Sheriff’s position when the Sheriff is absent. Trenton has completed this task very well, and I believe he is a great and very capable candidate for the Fallon County Sheriff’s position and would make an excellent Sheriff. Trenton Harbaugh has my support in the upcoming election for the Fallon County Sheriff.

Your past support and confidence in me as the Fallon County Sheriff is greatly appreciated.

Sincerely, s/Tim Barkley