Divisional Tennis

Baker High School hosted the Eastern B/C Divisional Tennis Tournament May 16.




Posted Friday, May 23, 2014

By Lacy Zumbrun

Baker High School hosted the Eastern B/C Divisional Tennis Tournament May 16. Wolf Point, Forsyth and Baker competed to take home the Divisional championship. The Baker Ladies fought hard to bring them the championship trophy. If the freshman on the team hadn’t scored points by winning matches, Baker would not have retained their divisional title.

Mr. Kendall stated, “Baker has won this tournament 23-24 years running.”

Margaret Uecker and Kylie Hadley are the two singles players to continue on to play at state. The doubles team to advance is Savannah Hickey and Braylea Wyrick.

Savannah Davis and Samantha Smith, Savanna Hickey and Braylea Wyrick were the doubles teams. Hickey and Wyrick played Wolf Point’s Smith and Clark, and also played their Presser and Hanks for first place. Davis and Smith were defeated by Forsyth’s Kayla Fulton and Maria Antonio-Luis and defeated Smith and Clark from Wolf Point to end the day with fourth place.

Kylie Hadley, Pam Tronstad, Margaret Uecker, and Anna Espeland were the singles who made it to Divisionals. Kylie Hadley played Pam Tronstad and moved to the next round. Hadley then played Wolf Point’s Reum and continued on to reach the first place spot. Hadley’s final match was against Carry Vandall from Wolf Point and she defeated Vandall to receive first place.

Pam Tronstad lost to Wolf Point’s Kendra Landsrud. Anna Espeland defeated Mandi Martin from Wolf Point and lost to Kylie Hadley. Margaret Uecker defeated Michaela French from Forsyth, and lost to Wolf Point’s Carry Vandall. Espeland was defeated by Tronstad in the loser’s bracker. Tronstad then played Haley Ash-Eide of Forsyth and continued to advance in the bracket to play Uecker, where she ended the season. Uecker advanced to take third place after playing Reum from Wolf Point and winning.

The Baker Ladies will travel to Missoula to play in the State Class B Tennis Tournament.