Catholic Church CCD class special project

St. John’s Catholic Church sixth grade CCD class created and embarked on a special project this spring.


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St. John's Catholic Church Youth 6th gradd CCD class

Posted Friday, May 23, 2014

Submitted by St. John’s Catholic Church CCD Class

St. John’s Catholic Church sixth grade CCD class created and embarked on a special project this spring. The project consisted of three separate meetings with receptive and willing individuals from Parkview Manor, a local retirement complex. The three students paired with three residents of the manor and interviewed them regarding their lives, their families, their childhoods, and hobbies. They also asked them about their faith, special memories, and advice about life.

The three students learned valuable lessons and made new memories. They agreed there were four important lessons which summed up their experience.

The first lesson showed them each person is a unique individual created by God, yet we are all the same when stripped of material possessions. Each Parkview resident had different interests and characteristics which made them who they are. However, all of them were faced with challenges and struggles along with the many blessings in life.

Teight Madler: Mr. Hanley liked dancing, music, and a “working man’s breakfast”. He went to school until the eighth grade and did not like modern day technology. He had the chore of getting coal for the fire as a kid. Mr. Hanley had bullies at school who would tie knots in his hitches or reins. His first job was pumping gas.

Taylor Miller: Mrs. Neumann liked to read and loved school. She wasn’t particularly fond of modern day technology. She had to clean her room growing up. Working at the swimming pool was her first job.

Macee Hadley: Mrs. Knipp liked sports, softball, and loved modern day technology. Her mom was her school teacher, and she “paddled” her once. She also had bullies at school on the soccer field. Her chores growing up were to cook and clean the house. Mrs. Knipp’s first job was as a telephone operator.

The second lesson was people mattered more than material “things”.

Teight: Mr. Hanley met his wife at a Christmas concert.

Taylor: Mrs. Neumann read to two blind children and told many memories of her children and family. A favorite memory of Mrs. Neumann’s was bringing her children home from the hospital.

Macee: Mrs. Knipp was most proud of her children.

The third lesson learned was when you give a gift, it keeps on giving.

Teight: Mr. Hanley received a gift from his father, and he used some of it to buy his kids new shoes. This showed me to spend wisely and not be greedy about it.

Taylor: Mrs. Neumann got a gift from her husband when she brought one of her children home from the hospital. She later passed that gift on to her daughter-in-law.

Macee: Mrs. Knipp received a clock made by her husband. She still has the clock. Disneyland was the blessing she got to share with her family.

The last lesson the students received was a piece of advice to always carry with them.

Teight: Mr. Hanley told me to always be honest.

Taylor: Mrs. Neumann told me to never give up.

Macee: Mrs. Knipp told me to always stay true to your faith.