Summer hail storm blasts Fallon County

An unexpected severe storm tore through part of Fallon County August 10 in the early evening.


Posted on August 16, 2013

By Lori Kesinger

An unexpected severe storm tore through part of Fallon County August 10 in the early evening. The storm tracked from the northwest to the southeast with the most heavily damaged areas to the south of Baker. Most of the residential homes located on Roxie Lane had the north windows busted out by hail stones as large as golf balls with some reaching the size of a baseball. Residents were still finding hail stones late in the afternoon of August 11.

Jennefer and Greg Wheeler live on Roxie Lane and were home at the time of the storm. Jennefer said, “The storm was fast and furious.” Not only did the hail cause havoc, but torrential rain poured in through broken windows. Approximate rainfall measured in Baker was .96 inches.

Golfers at the Lakeview Country Club scrambled to the club house when the air turned ice cold. Wanda Pinnow, who was golfing at the time, said, “The storm turned and came fast.” Anything in the path of the hail was ruined.

Mike and Connie Lohof’s home, located one and a half miles south of the golf course, received significant damage. The Lohofs were not home at the time of the storm, but were also finding hail stones larger than golf balls Sunday afternoon, Aug. 11. Their north side windows were busted out and the glass was blown all over the house on both levels. They received extensive water damage to the interior with approximately one and one-half inches of rain falling during the storm. Pictures were blown off the walls and broken, and hail dents were found in some walls. Big dents in the yard indicate the hail stones were as large as baseballs. Connie described the storm as “bizarre”. With all the destruction, hanging flower baskets on the south side of the home were left untouched.

Craig and Wanda Pinnow’s home, located eight miles southeast of town, also had broken windows and damage. Sections of fields look as if they were mowed. They received one-half inch of rain, and by the time the storm reached Little Beaver only rain was falling.