News from Gov. Steve Bullock

Bullock announces grants to improve public infrastructure for local governments across the state.


Posted August 16, 2013

Helena – Governor Steve Bullock announced $415,000 is being awarded to communities across the state through the Montana Department of Commerce. The grants will be used for planning efforts to protect public health and safety through drinking water, wastewater, and bridge system improvements.

“Across Montana these projects will create jobs and address public health and safety problems associated with rapid growth,” Governor Bullock said. “We have the opportunity to invest in our state, ensuring that Montanans are drinking safe and clean water, our sewage systems are kept up-to-date, our bridges are structurally sound, and jobs are created in the process.”

The grants are part of the 2015 Biennium Treasure State Endowment Program (TSEP) planning funds. Each eligible entity may receive up to $15,000 in TSEP planning grant funds, which requires a 1:1 match with local or other funds. Some of these grants will go to eastern Montana communities to assist them in planning for impact to public infrastructure as a result of the increase in oil and gas development. These communities include: Custer County – $15,000; Lambert Water Sewer District – $15,000; Town of Fairview – $15,000; Town of Flaxville – $15,000; Town of Westby – $15,000; Town of Bainville – $15,000; City of Sidney – $15,000; Fallon County Water Sewer District – $15,000; Town of Terry – $15,000; City of Glasgow – $15,000.

The grants will also be used for infrastructure planning in the following communities: Town of Neihart –  $15,000; Powell County – $15,000; Fergus County – $15,000; Glacier County – $15,000; Tri-County Water District – $15,000; City of Poplar – $15,000; Town of Hysham – $10,000; Gardiner Water Sewer District – $15,000; Carbon County – $15,000; Town of Jordan – $15,000; Town of Fromberg – $15,000; Power-Teton County Water Sewer District – $15,000; Hill County – $15,000; Judith Basin County – $15,000; Sun Prairie County Water Sewer District – $15,000.    More information on TSEP planning grants can be accessed through the Community Development staff at the Department of Commerce at 406-841-2770 or by emailing