City Council sets 2013 clean-up times

The City of Baker will sponsor two clean-up periods during the upcoming calendar year.


Posted April 26, 2013

By Lisa Kilsdonk

The City of Baker will sponsor two clean-up periods during the upcoming calendar year. The first will run from May 10-19, encompassing Mother’s Day weekend, and the week leading up to and including graduation. During this time, large dumpsters will be set up at the City Shop yard for residents’ use, free of charge. With the upcoming Fallon County Centennial Celebration approaching, it’s a great time to consider adding a little curb appeal. The second clean-up period is slated for October 4-15.

In other Council business, engineer Jon Brosz presented the city with updates on various aspects of the projects being completed in anticipation of the TransCanada man camp. The Well 4 Rehabilitation project is nearing completion.

The new water tank project had a change order request to move the control vault from the tank’s ceiling down to its base to facilitate ease of maintenance. “Otherwise, you’ll be sending guys 47 feet in the air to change a sensor,” Brosz explained. He also reported that the sewer extension digging is nearly complete.

No action was taken on the bid for the lagoon expansion pending an unaddressed issue regarding an undefined flood plain. Brosz and City/County Planner Desiree Thielen are working to clarify and resolve the issue.

The Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture along with SMART are planning several events for the Centennial Celebration and requested permission to close First Street NW from Montana Avenue to Railroad Avenue. Mayor Hornung stated the Council has procedures to coordinate such closures with the police department, the public works, and parks department.

Thielen presented two bids her office had received on the project of updating city maps. Both bids presented the city with various options, but since none of the options were identical, Thielen was directed to re-contact one of the bidders. In Mayor Hornung’s words, “We’d like to compare apples to apples, and with the way the bids are right now, we can’t.”

Park Department Director Scott Rabbitt reported he is dealing with beaver problems again on Fifth Street West. “They took out an entire grove of little trees in just a few days,” he noted.